—— Full touch controlled electrostatic spray guns, intelligent manual spray guns, laboratory dedicated guns, industrial automatic ——
process control programming, and the implementation of robot application technology.

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        • Name: TD-7C Integrated Control System
        • Number: 001
        • Shelf time: 2018-12-20
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        Information Integrated Control


        Single cabinet can carry up to 24 sets of spray gun parameter centralized control
        Individual display of single device terminal operation status
        Independent control of each spray gun
        Built-in gas storage tank to avoid insufficient gas supply, intake pressure (> 6 mpa)
        Windows system support ensures stable and smooth operation
        Control system can carry out hierarchical management of authority
        The system can record the daily running log of equipment and query the abnormal handling of equipment.
        The system can store, modify, query and call 255 sets of spraying data at most.

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