—— Full touch controlled electrostatic spray guns, intelligent manual spray guns, laboratory dedicated guns, industrial automatic ——
process control programming, and the implementation of robot application technology.

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        • Name: 7 Series handheld powder spray gun
        • Number: 002
        • Shelf time: 2018-12-18
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        Gun body design
        New design of powder road and trigger
        Ultra-light gun weighs only 400 g
        More suitable for spraying workers'feel
        Reduce fatigue and improve efficiency

        WRDcoat V3.0 control system, running smoothly
        Built-in three quick spraying modes
        20 sets of spraying parameters can be stored on a single machine Re-energizing Automatic Hand Recognition/Automatic Gun Mode
        OLED Digital Liquid Crystal Display Various Parameters Accurately
        Customized development according to customer's actual needs


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