—— Full touch controlled electrostatic spray guns, intelligent manual spray guns, laboratory dedicated guns, industrial automatic ——
process control programming, and the implementation of robot application technology.

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        • Name: 3 Series handheld powder spray gun
        • Number: 007
        • Shelf time: 2018-05-19
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        Stable maneuverability, excellent spraying quality




        The design of the gun has

        no dead angle; the

        precise and seamless

        advanced assembly

        process; no dirt is

        easier to clean; the

        connecting powder tube is

        fast intercalation; the

        ergonomic design is

        comfortable and


        Humanized pluggable design is more convenient for

        maintenance and maintenance; OLED display panel at

        the end of the wall is easy to adjust in real time;

        accurate digital control, effective improvement of

        control precision; accurate digital valve to ensure

        more uniform and gentle spray; trigger switch,

        flexible and lightweight to avoid working fatigue.




        Advanced electrostatic generator, negative angle one gun

        powder, precise digital spraying, precise control of film

        thickness, fine flow flat, even flowery dust, high

        voltage electrostatic automatic tracking, high efficiency

        and high efficiency.







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