—— Full touch controlled electrostatic spray guns, intelligent manual spray guns, laboratory dedicated guns, industrial automatic ——
process control programming, and the implementation of robot application technology.

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        • Name: 3 series automatic powder spray gun
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        • Shelf time: 2018-05-19
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        The most reliable, efficient and friendly intelligent electrostatic powder spray gun




        The design of the gun

        body is sleek without

        dead angle; precise and

        seamless assembly

        process; no dirt and easy

        to clean; connect the

        powder pipe with quick

        inserting joint.

        Each spray gun is equipped with a double control

        mode; three spraying modes are selected at any

        speed; a large number of spraying modes can be

        stored and stored; the spray gun is equipped with a

        high efficient and powerful cleaning system; the

        output gas can be automatically adjusted and

        matched; the automatic feedback function ensures the

        best powder rate.



        The modular spray gun control system is simple and friendly

        operation interface combined with humanized design, which is

        convenient for operators to adjust and detect the operation of

        spraying. Simple and convenient control operation interface;

        control and monitor all the state of the spray gun; realize

        centralized control of all the guns; it can be configured

        according to the quantity of the spray guns.


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