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process control programming, and the implementation of robot application technology.

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        • Name: 5 Series handheld powder spray gun
        • Number: 004
        • Shelf time: 2018-05-18
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        Stability makes work easier


        Precise seamless assembly process; no dirt,

        easy to clean; quick plug-in connector to

        connect powder tube; ergonomic design

        comfortable feel.

        The spray gun is configured as high as one

        million times long life switch encoder.

        Combined with multi-function handle switch, it

        can operate all programs and adjust all the

        parameters by single hand. According to

        different workpiece, it can be adjusted at any

        time to achieve "remote" remote control, save

        time and improve efficiency; the rear of the

        gun has OLED display panel, the interface is

        friendly and easy to understand. The design is

        light and ingenious, with excellent sense of

        grip. The trigger switch can be operated for a

        long time.



        Precision digital control - improving control precision;

        programmable digital setting - reducing workers' requirements;

        high quality high voltage generator - improving powder efficiency;

        accurate electrical ratio - reducing energy consumption;

        soft atomization effect - improving spray quality;

        good overall performance - reducing powder waste.




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