—— We uphold the service concept of “being customer-centered, and regarding quality as the primary life of the enterprise" ——

              Zhongshan WRD Coating Technology Co., Ltd. (WRD Coating) is located in Zhongshan - the historical and cultural city in China and hometown of the great man Sun Yat-sen. The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of electrostatic powder spray guns. The major products include full touch controlled electrostatic spray guns which have friendly interfaces and are durable, intelligent manual spray guns, laboratory dedicated spray guns, industrial automatic process control programming, and the implementation of robot application technology. The company has a strong technological force, laboratories and R & D team, and more than 20 years of experience in electrostatic powder coating, and is able to provide customers with more energy-efficient complete line solutions with smoother logistics. The laboratory has conducted close cooperative relations with a number of research institutes and industries. We are committed to top coating!

              秒速时时彩 We believe that high-quality, systematic, comprehensive and efficient service is the basis for development. Therefore, we have established the service concept of “being customer centric, and regarding quality as the primary life of the enterprise”, aiming to create a domestic first-class service enterprise with strict management and advanced technology, to provide customers with high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services!

              秒速时时彩 The company has cordial, open and rigorous corporate culture and scientific and standardized management, and brought together a large number of talents. The company has advanced technology, strict production process management and a sound quality assurance system to ensure stable and reliable product performance. We uphold the guiding ideology of the "artisan spirit", and always give top priority to quality and innovation, and pursue specialization and specificity, continuously improving customer satisfaction!